Mobility funding granted for travel in the Nordic-Baltic region

The dance group Myka was granted mobility funding for travelling to the Faroe Islands with their performance UNTZ BABY UNTZ. Photo: AdeY

The first application round for mobility funding in 2023 turned out to be extremely popular and Nordic Culture Point received 660 applications. A total of 93 applications were granted funding for travel within the Nordic-Baltic region. The total amount of funding granted was EUR 164,785.

Among the initiatives granted funded was a group of applicants working together on a performance called UNTZ BABY UNTZ, an interactive dance performance where bass and beats are mixed with baby dance. Dancers representing the dance company MYKA will travel to the Faroe Islands to perform during the Fritt Flog festival for children and young people. Another group of applicants will travel to Iceland to exhibit the project “Remember the Future”, which highlights cultural heritage related to women’s craft practices and looks at the relationships of previous generations and nomadic groups with nature, the sustainable consumption of resources, and material use.

You can find the results from this and previous rounds here.

Mobility funding is part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, which aims to strengthen artistic and cultural co-operation between professional artists and cultural professionals in the Nordic Region and the Baltic countries.

The final round of applications for 2023 will be in the autumn and will open on 28 August.