Nordic documentary films in competition at this year’s DocPoint Festival

DocPoint, Finland’s largest international documentary film festival, will take place this year from January 30 to February 4, featuring over 80 films, including 30 from Nordic countries. Among the Nordic films, two Danish productions are competing for awards in the international competition.

One of the Danish films in the competition is “Theatre of Violence” by Emil Langballe and Lukasz Konopa, which tells the story of Dominic Ongwen from Uganda, who was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) when he was only 9 years old and forced to serve as a child soldier in Joseph Kony’s army. Now, he faces trial in The Hague, raising the question of whether he should be viewed as a victim or a perpetrator.

The other film, Juan Palacios “As the Tide Comes in”, depicts life on the small Danish island of Mandø, which is threatened by the climate crisis. For the island’s 27 inhabitants, the crisis is a daily reality as the water level rises, and the island becomes smaller. The film portrays the sea as both frightening and familiar, as the water is pumped back when the storm subsides, and life continues as usual.

The festival’s opening film, “Neurotyypit” (in English, “Neurotypes”), will be shown on January 30th. It’s the story of Aida, a young woman who decides to change people’s attitudes toward individuals on the autism spectrum.

The entire program and information on how to purchase tickets can be found on the festival’s website at