Nordic collaboration for sustainable development in audiovisual industries

The Nordic Eco Media Alliance (NEMA) is an independent pan-Nordic group that works to encourage and boost sustainable development and climate action in the Nordic audiovisual industries. NEMA was established in 2020 by seven audiovisual sustainability experts from five different Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

NEMA works with sustainability issues in the film and TV industry on multiple levels:
– developing educational frameworks and workshops,
– hosting events,
– running informative campaigns,
– taking action on a political level,
– writing reports and
– taking part in events from debates to festivals.

Nordic Eco Media Alliance has received funding from Culture and art programme for organising a webinar on sustainability for Nordic film- and TV industries for benchmarking and showcasing pan-nordic sustainability knowhow. They have continued the collaboration with Network funding for changing the storyline of film and TV productions into a more sustainable narrative. This will be done via yearly Nordic reports and communicating findings through case studies, webinars and talks.

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