New round of funding to support Ukrainian artists and cultural creators


In the autumn of 2024, Nordic Culture Point once again has the opportunity to allocate additional funding for residency activities to support Ukraine’s cultural scene.

The Nordic Council of Ministers decided in July 2024 to continue supporting Ukrainian professional cultural creators through residency activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The special initiative is part of the residency funding module ‘Funding for Artist Residencies’ of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture and is administered by Nordic Culture Point.

The war in Ukraine is continuing to create a need for special support for Ukrainian artists and cultural creators in order for them to maintain connections and work opportunities. The purpose of the initiative is to enable a safer and secure space for Ukrainian artists and cultural creators to explore their fields and to promote their professional networks in the Nordic and Baltic region and beyond. The funding will facilitate dialogue between Ukrainians and those living in the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as foster increased understanding between the countries. The initiative will also contribute to new contacts between the countries and improve the exchange of skills, enhancing the region’s competitiveness on the international art scene.

Only residency centres in the Nordic and Baltic countries can apply for funding, and only artists and cultural creators who are Ukrainian nationals can apply for a residency placement in this round. Residency centres that are granted funding can therefore invite Ukrainian artists and cultural creators, as well as cover all the costs on behalf of the cultural creator or group, along with those of anyone accompanying them.

The application round opens on 12 September. The deadline for applications is 12 October. Funding decisions will be made in early December.

More information will follow in August.