Network funding granted to 20 projects

Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

Network funding has now been distributed for both short-term and long-term network projects. Nordic Culture Point received a total of 75 applications, of which 20 were for the Long-term network funding and 55 for the Short-term network funding. A total amount of EUR 503 777 was granted to 4 long-term projects and 16 short-term projects.

Overall, the Expert Group was pleased to see an increase in the number of applications compared to the year 2021 that was still greatly affected by the pandemic.

Mentorship programme Future Leaders in Performing Arts was one of the granted short-term projects. The network is primarily targeted to performing arts professionals at the early stages of their careers. The network aims at increasing social sustainability in the future power structures of performing arts by inviting four emerging curators to a one-year mentoring process.

The project Backyard residencies explores possibilities for a sustainable way of running residency programs through regional cooperation and creating possibilities for artists and other professionals to live and work and meet other professionals and audience from the neighbor regions. The network is not only for residencies, but for different organizations in the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Yet another granted short-term project was the PUPSICLES Nordic-Baltic Puppetry Network that aims to create new and deepen the existing connections between ambitious puppetry festivals and organisations in the Nordic-Baltic region. The purpose of the network is to foster and create the means of more sustainable touring for puppet and visual theatre artists, productions and concepts, as well as explore more collaborative programming and sharing know-how.

See all granted short-term network projects and long-term network projects.

Network funding enables periods for cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and/or the Baltic countries. The funding is a part of The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, which strengthens artistic and cultural cooperation in the Nordic region and the Baltic countries.

The next application round for the short-term network funding opens in 20 August 2022. Long-term network funding has only one application round per year and the next round will be arranged in the spring 2023.