Funding for nine projects from the Norden 0-30 programme

The third application round for Norden 0-30 is now closed. A total of 17 applications were made in this round for a total of EUR 438,238. The expert group decided to award funding of EUR 312,500 to nine projects, with individual grants ranging from EUR 10,000 to EUR 50,000.

More funding was awarded compared with the other two rounds this year. Changes made this year were applicable for the first time to this round. The changes involve new criteria for bilateral co-operation and an increase in the maximum amount of funding. New types of projects were able to apply for funding, with funding of up to EUR 50,000 awarded. As this round saw fewer applications, more projects were awarded the maximum amount of funding available.

Some examples of projects awarded funding:

ReGen North Pilot – a youth-to-youth data and democracy pilot project by C-Cube

ReGen North Pilot is a youth and data democracy project that will provide training to young people aged 18 to 29 and to youth-oriented organisations and institutions in the Nordic countries. ReGen North Pilot will establish a community of young people from Greenland, Norway, and Denmark who will be given skills in basic concepts and tools behind data collection. The project is led by C-cube in Århus.

Democratic skills for local dialogue by Kunskapscentrum för fritidsledarskap

The project will equip young people and their leaders with skills and methods for democracy and participation. The project trains young people so that they can become active players in the dialogue around the European principles and guidelines for local public leisure and youth activities and local youth work. The project is run by Kunskapscentrum för fritidsledarskap in Sweden.


Young church song by the Norbusang festival

The Norbusang festival is a Nordic children’s and young people’s choir festival for 600 participants aged 10 to 20, and 25 volunteers aged 18 to 25 from all the Nordic countries. The festival hosts courses, choir activities, workshops, and concerts. The festival will be held in Inderøy in Norway between 24 and 29 May 2022.


The next application round for Norden 0-30 is from 10 January to 10 February 2022. Please contact our advisors if you have any thoughts or questions about an application.

All projects that are awarded funding can be found on the Nordic Culture Point website.