LIVE STREAM – The forest is calling: Britta Marakatt-Labba

“The forest is calling” is a series of conversations, interviews, and films in which we reflect on our contemporary relationship with nature based on a clear art and culture perspective. Selected Nordic guests, representing various branches of art and culture and in particular Sami art and culture, will join us in these discussions.

In this evening’s conversation, Sami textile and visual artist Britta Marakatt-Labba will be interviewed by cultural journalist Kerstin Wixe. They will discuss Marakatt-Labba’s art and the role nature plays in the creative process and for her as an artist.

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Marakatt-Labba has become a figurehead for Sami international art and made her big international breakthrough at the Dokumenta 14 exhibition in Kassel in 2017. There she exhibited the textile artwork Historja from the years 2003-2007 – an impressive array of hand-embroidered pictures addressing the Sami’s controversial history. In recent years, Marakatt-Labba has been a much sought-after artist and right now her work is on show at the exhibition Bakom hörnet vindens jojk at Sven-Harry’s art museum in Stockholm. (She is a noted pioneer in Sami activism and is also part of the steering group for the new indigenous peoples’ residence Sápmi Salasta in Västerbotten, Sweden.)

Kerstin Wixe, previously employed at Sveriges Radio for almost 50 years as a social and cultural journalist, is now a freelancer. She lives in Norrbotten, where she is also a permanent host of the Kontext literary scene in Luleå and also produces its author interviews podcast ( Wixe published her debut novel, Vitt ljus, in 2018.

Porträtt av Kerstin Wixe. En äldre kvinna med mörk kavaj och grått hår, hon står bredvid två mikrofoner i en studio

Kerstin Wixe. Photo: Anders Alm

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