LIVE STREAM – Nordic Council Music Prize – Artist Talk: Eivør (FO) & Lena Willemark (SE)

We bring together two greats of the Nordic music scene for a conversation about their music, Eivør (Faroe Islands) & Lena Willemark (Sweden), both of whom have strong connections with the folk music heritage of their respective countries, which they have helped to evolve with their own personal touch.


Both are nominated for the 2021 Nordic Council Music Prize. The discussions will be led by Tove Djupsjöbacka.

Lena Willemark has become a central figure in Swedish folk music and the Swedish music scene in general. She is a pioneering singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who continues to explore music and artistry with undiminished vigour. From her upbringing in Älvdalen, she carries with her a unique musical treasure, but she also breaks new ground in a wide range of constellations and mixed genres. She’s released music with the legendary ECM Records and performs at concert halls and jazz clubs at home and abroad.

Eivør has established herself as a leading international artist with an impressive breadth in both her voice and expression. Her music has deep roots in the traditional music of her homeland. In addition to being a singer, Eivør is a successful songwriter and producer. This autumn, she will finally be back on tour with concerts in Scandinavia and Europe from September.

Tove Djupsjöbacka is a journalist specialising in music and dance, with an emphasis on music cultures from different parts of the world.  As a freelancer, she has worked for Hbl log and a number of other music publications.

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