Nordic Culture Club – March


Welcome to our club at Suomenlinna, Nordic Culture Club is held on the first Friday of each month, is free to attend and refreshments are always on offer. Doors open 18:00, Showtime 19:00!

PRUST is an an artist collective from Denmark – at Nordic Culture Club, the artists Anna Sophia Rudnicki (she/her) and TC Schwartzkopff (he/she/they) will show their piece “you can’t do that”, which confronts the objectification of women and people with vaginas through three works. Rudnicki’s video and performance, titled “Hoe v. Babe”, respond to the control over birthing bodies seized by the American Supreme Court in 2022. Schwartzkopff’s “tshirtz 4 sale” features 30 prints and addresses the dilution of feminist resistance caused by commodification and capitalist virtue signalling.

MUIAT is an honest piece of contemporary circus in which women are allowed to be exactly who they are, without questioning their qualities. The performers Kamilla Nisso, Iitu Kivimäki and Anniina Peltovako from the Akropatit-ensemble explore femininity through their own experiences, employing circus and physical expression. The performance with human pyramids and acrobatics questions gender roles and aims to broaden the audience’s perspectives, not leaving out humor. At Nordic Culture Club we will see a shortened version of the performance.

GUN is a rap duo from Ostrobothnia, Finland – with texts written in Ostrobothnian, and disguised in their homemade balaclavas, they add an entirely new style to the Swedish speaking hip hop scene in Finland, and undoubtedly show that the time for pussy rap is here. Their performance at Nordic Culture Club will be the duo’s first live gig, including release of a brand new single and a unique opportunity to buy GUN merch.

Nordic Culture Club is a venue for cultural practitioners and enthusiasts from across the Nordic Region and around the world. Here, we experiment with and present unique interdisciplinary experiences with a mix of everything from dance, music, performances and interactive experiences to monologues, catwalks, drag, quizzes, installations, video works, and much, much more.

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