Nordic Art Lab I: Sensing Landmarks

Nordic Art Lab is a project in which Nordic Culture Point invites artists to work on-site with various kinds of interdisciplinary projects at our premises in Suomenlinna

During the first Nordic Art Lab, an interdisciplinary group of artists will work to create the piece “Sensing Landmarks” over a two-week period. The three artists are Carima Neusser (Sweden), John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal (Norway), and Carola Uehlken (Germany).

The piece “Sensing Landmarks” brings together dance, visual art, architecture, music, and poetry with the aim of creating a guided tour that is specific to Suomenlinna’s nature, architecture, and history. During their residency, the artists will develop texts and scripts, choreography, music, videos, and scenography to guide the audience through an interdisciplinary experience with an emphasis on the senses. The work will be an opportunity to find new perspectives on Suomenlinna’s unique architecture and history in a creative and innovative way. The group will also invite people to participate in the creative process who have specific knowledge about or who feel a sense of love for the place. The work process is thoroughly transparent, with ample scope for improvisation.

At the end of the residency period, the public will be invited to participate in one of two guided tours organised by the artist group in Suomenlinna on Friday 8 October and Saturday 9 October 2021.


Guided tours:

8 October at 7.00 pm Registration
9 October at 7.00 pm Registration

Registration beforehand! Maximum 25 people.

Starting point: Suomenlinna Tourist Information Office, C1 (Close to the main pier)

About the artists

Porträtt av Carima Neusser
Photo: Per Hüttner

Carima Neusser is a choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm. She works with interdisciplinary projects that take their starting point in dance and choreography. Her practice spreads over an expanded field where she interacts with visual arts, architecture, neuroscience, fashion, music and stage technology. She works and collaborates throughout different international and national contexts and her work has been presented at dance theaters, galleries, museums and music festivals. Her work has been presented in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, France, Mexico, Haiti, USA and Brazil. She is a member and co-founder of the project Tomorrow’s Art Audience. The collective organizes seminars, workshops and projects that bring together choreographers, visual artists, musicians, writers and students internationally.


Porträtt av Carola Uehlken

Carola Uehlken is an artist, curator and writer based in Berlin. Her last projects investigate the role of containerships and global transport mechanisms in relation to the construction of the criminal. She is recently interested in microbiotic systems and the way they inform human behaviour and well-being; baroque and biomimetic architecture as well as manta rays. In her car performance and tour Wuling Rongguang she invited her audience to escape the art space to cruise listening to her site specific sound composition. With an interest into paranormal activities she created soundscapes for ghosts at some of the most haunted places on earth, threatened by Industry and Companies, as in Poveglia per Tutti, or in Forgotten Space in Shanghai‘s Expo Area. She writes articles for catalogues and independent publishing platforms.


Porträtt av John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal
Photo: Maja Hannisdal

John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal is a composer and double bassist living in Oslo, Norway. He works with musicians and artists in both Europe and the Americas, performing and creating a variety of projects that both develop new techniques and reframe older and neglected material. In the US, J.A. collaborates with musicians and composers such as Derek Baron and Elliott Sharp, while in Europe he works with Katt Hernandez, Andreas Røysum, and others. He is also active creating music and sound for theater and dance performances, notably collaborating with playwright Finn Iunker. John Andrew‘s projects draw on material from as far ranging sources as eastern european folk music, apartment houses in the early United States, children songs written by Theodor Adorno, and the mating calls of codfish.

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