Night of the Arts at Nordic Culture Point

Händer på en bok.

textual repetition. Photo: Antti Ahonen

Welcome to experience a performance and participate in a fun workshop at the Nordic Culture Point library during the Night of the Arts on Thursday, 15th August. The programme does not require pre-registration.

The programme is part of the Night of the Arts 2024. Read more about the event and find other programmes around Helsinki for the evening here.

Performance: textual repetition by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen

“textual repetition” is a participatory performance by Danish artist Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, in which she facilitates a durational and processual reading based on the book selection at the Nordic Culture Point library. Visitors are invited to read randomly chosen lines from selected books and repeat them in a loop, knowing that these will never be the same, creating an everchanging soundscape. The performance encourages people to read together, with their voices overlapping, multiplying, coming together, and creating new affective constellations and resonances in a multitude of languages. When there are no audience members reading, the artist reads aloud alone.

Creative Workshop with The Nordic Bookworm

On the same evening, we host a fun workshop with The Nordic Bookworm, where both children and adults can enjoy reading and exploring Nordic picture books. The program is held both in Swedish and Finnish.


Nordic Culture Point has been granted the EcoCompass environmental certificate. We’re making every endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why all travel within the organisation is carefully planned. Use public transport when you visit us, and you’ll contribute to a greener cultural scene, too! 

Nordic Culture Point strives to organise accessible events where everyone can equally participate. In the following link, you will find information about the accessibility of our facilities. Please inform us in advance if you have any specific accessibility requirements. We will do our best to accommodate them.

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