LIVE – Nordic media houses and pressure from technology giants

The Nordic Region is at the forefront of digitalisation in Europe. However, this involves dependence on private ecosystems such as Facebook and Google. Democratic societies require journalism with public responsibility. In the digital community, however, journalism doesn’t work in the same way as before. In the Nordic Region, groups that have lost trust in journalism are growing in size and number. This has consequences for the willingness to pay for content and for the role of journalism in Nordic democracy.

We need co-operation instead of competition, and this applies to private players as well as public service companies. At national and Nordic level, there’s little to be done. Global solutions are needed. The European Commission has presented a “compass” for digital development through to 2030. But can EU Member States work together to create a cohesive ecosystem for data clouds? Or is this nothing more than a digital dream?

  • Carl-Gustav Lindén, researcher and assistant professor in data journalism at the University of Bergen.
  • Karin Pettersson, Head of culture at the Aftonbladet newspaper, former director of public policy at the Schibsted Group
  • John Severinson, Head of Partner Development Europe, Facebook
  • Joakim Strand, Nordic Council, Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic Region.

Moderator Henrik Wilén, Secretary General, the Confederation of Nordic Associations

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