Fruit launch event on the island

A man throwing a cucumber like a javelin

Join us for the “Fruit launch event on the island” at Nordic Culture Point’s headquarters in Suomenlinna (map link here).

In the evening, the sticker album “A Fruit is Becoming ill in Sugar” by Pedro Riva and Julia Zastava will be launched. The event will also host the presentation of a performance of Introspection Cabin  by artist duo Turbida Lux (Lucila Mayol and Pedro Riva) with guest artist Roy Boswell; the Bad Ventriloquist performance by artist Laurie Lax; a music performance by Positive Hardcore (Naia Burucoa and Lea Marie Uria); and a special book selection by The Temporary Bookshelf (Hikari Nishida).

Performances start 18:00
Recommended ferries:
from Kauppatori 17:20 / from Suomenlinna 21:00

Participating artists:

Pedro Riva’s projects are connected by the conceptual foundations of collage, structure, and language. His practice includes video, installation, performance, and collaborations with artists from various fields.

Turbida Lux is an artist duo formed by the Argentinian artists Lucila Mayol and Pedro Riva, now based in Helsinki. They work with text, archived footage, video, and media art with an interest in the poetics that appear when unveiling other interpretations of archival material.

Roy Boswell is an artist from Helsinki who works with the interstitial spaces between text, music, and sculptures made of paper, soap, and colophony resin.

Julia Zastava is a visual artist whose practice includes drawing, video, sound, installation, and performance. Her work revolves around processes of transition, questions of narration, ideas of the uncanny, unpleasant sensations and social surrealism.

Positive Hardcore is an electro experimental duo formed by Naia Burucoa and Lea Marie Uria. They met in Berlin and started to talk about playing music together exactly when Lea Marie was trying to reconstruct the story of her Basque ancestors. She “found” them (or they “found” her, thanks to Naia’s help) and they went on to create Positive Hardcore together.

Laurie Lax is a multidisciplinary artist and producer from the UK based in Norway. She graduated with an MA in Fine Art in Bergen in 2018, after which she studied electronic literature. Her projects frequently combine sound, text and collaboration in the gaps between the written and spoken word.

The Temporary Bookshelf is a non-profit art book platform specialising in self publishing and independent publishers from Finland and abroad. Limited works published by authors will be available to purchase. All proceeds will go directly to them via MobilePay and PayPal. Contact:

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