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As part of ARTIVAL RE:CONNECT, a Nordic multilingual cultural festival spearheaded by IMMART, ‘Red Door Gallery’ is pleased to invite you to “Writing Process and Practice”, an ARTIVAL Talk on multilingual, multicultural, multimedia writing, by poets, storytellers and playwrights, characters intertwining their stories and writing experiences with the cultural landscape of the Nordic communities they’re a part of.

Some of the subjects discussed will include overcoming language barriers and navigating multilingualism in writing, transitioning from the paper to the stage, and working in multimedia formats to engage the audience and feedback the important conversations relevant to our time.

Invited speakers

Yemmi Butterman is a Nigerian poet and narrative fiction author, who finds solace in all forms of creative symphonies. Yemi is the author of Two Geniuses and a Fool and Pride of the Middle One. In his recent poetry titled Symphony Village, he delves into the intrinsic motivation to confront the fears of uncertainty, drawing inspiration from the interplay between his Yoruba roots, the English Language, and the contextual Nordic region.

Vladislav Nenchev is a part-time human, with a mild compulsion for over-analysis. Vladislav writes short pieces of fiction that explore the fault line between knowledge and emotions, tackling restless questions like: How do we feel? Why? How to use it for better, than for worse? Where the hell are my glasses? Vladislav Nenchev is a part of the following creative collectives: – a member of Helsinki Writers’ Group since November 2017; – a member of The Finn-Brit Players since August 2019. With The Finn-Brit Players, Vladislav has participated as a playwright, director, producer, stage manager, sound & lights operator, and, very occasionally, reciting monologues or poems. He also joined The Helsinki University Science Fiction Club in a couple of issues of their fiction newspaper Marvin – The Lehti.

Elizabeth Torres is a Colombian-American poet, multimedia artist, literary translator and cultural organizer. Editor in chief of the arts & culture quarterly publication Red Door Magazine, director of Red Door Gallery, host of the Red Transmissions podcast, and founder of the Poetic Phonotheque. Elizabeth creates under the moniquer Madam Neverstop, and is a frequent collaborator in festivals and cultural projects in the Nordic region, the US and Latin America. 


ARTIVAL Talks are organised by IMMART, Nordic Culture Point and Globe Art Point as a part of ARTIVAL RE:CONNECT, a Nordic multilingual cultural festival taking place across the Nordic region in 2023. The festival a widely diverse array of actors together in a sustainable manner to co-create and reflect on issues of inclusion and belonging with exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops, recitals, and more, at a time when many of us around the globe are striving to reconnect, to ourselves, our families, and our communities in one way or another.

ARTIVAL Talks are a collection of live-streamed and virtual discussions, debates and conversations on the themes of ARTIVAL – a festival that places artists, the artistic process and advocacy at the centre. The central aim of the Talks, which began in May 2023, is to facilitate gaining a clearer understanding of different processes, perspectives and viewpoints that exist in Nordic artscapes, by bringing artists, cultural workers, activists, human rights experts, public officials and civil society together to exchange ideas and share experiences of their successes (and failures), good (and bad) practices, and the opportunities (and challenges) present in the broad landscape of the Nordic arts and cultural sector.

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