84 artist residencies applied for funding for inviting Nordic and Baltic artists

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Being in residency gives artists a chance to work in a more concentrated way and to develop their artistic practices in an inspirational environment that also offers possibilities for new collaborations. This year’s application round for Funding for Artist Residencies as a part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme attracted more applications than ever. 

The expert group met on 12 and 13 of April 2023 to grant funding for Nordic and Baltic residency centres. Nordic Culture Point received 84 applications in this year’s round, 15 of which were granted funding. The total amount awarded was EUR 616 000. Competition was again fierce, and the grant percentage was 18%. 

The residencies granted funding include a broad variety of organisations in both rural and urban areas in Baltic and Nordic countries. An example from the current round is Mustarinda in Hyrynsalmi, Finland, for its ecologically sustainable residency which promotes ecological reconstructions of society, a diversity of naturecultures, and connection between arts and sciences. 

Eesti Noore Arhitektuuri Selts (Estonian Society of Young Architecture) in Valga, Estonia, received funding for Valga Architecture Residency, an international multidisciplinary residency for spatial practice, with the aim to seek, find and create alternative spatial practices that are not dictated by market logic. 

VšĮ Priespauda / hands on press in Kaunas, Lithuania focuses on small editions of printed matter with risography printing, basic screen printing, relief printing, bookbinding facilities and selfpublishing in general. 

Small Projects Artist in Residence Program in Tromsø, Norway runs an artist-run broadly networked initiative with origins in Manila, Philippines, in collaboration with Norwegian Sámi Reindeer Herding Association. Every selected artist will be during residency be partnered with a local artist for immediate dialogue and for networking. 

The Expert Group appreciates all the residency programmes taking place in the Nordic and Baltic countries and is very happy about the diversity of the residency possibilities in the region. 

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Funding for artist residencies is part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture. The focus of the programme is on increasing the exchange of knowledge, contacts and interest in Nordic and Baltic art and culture. The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme consists of three forms of funding: mobility funding, network funding and funding for artist residencies.

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