Mobility funding granted for 110 travels in the Nordic and Baltic region

Dancer with thin plastic bags covering her head

The new expert group for Mobility Funding met online on the 6th and 7th of March for their first decision meeting this year. There were were 192 applications, and a total of 110 artists were granted funding to strengthen the conditions for cultural and artistic cooperation in the Nordic-Baltic region. The distributed amount was 169 198 EURO.

Among the artists that received funding were Titta Court, a Finnish dancer, choreographer, and curator from Tornio in Northern Finland. She has been invited to Hammerfest in Norway to perform on the festival Baltic meets Barents at the Arctic Culture centre with her newest solo performance called HUURTUMA. The visit will also allow her to take part in workshops, and to plan for future collaborations with Barents and Baltic artists and organisations. Court is a rare figure as a professional dancer living and working in the periphery, the far north Finland. She is in her fifties, and she is presenting contemporary dance in everyday environments conveying this art form in unexpected places.

Another artist that received funding was Kim Simonsen who is travelling from Faroe Island to Åland where he is going to work with young people age 15 – 20. The aim of the project is to engage with youth on vulnerability via an artistic practice-as-research way to understand the Anthropocene. Using literature and art the project will focus on sustainable consumption and production. The project brings a cross-disciplinary dimension into a highly relevant topic.

Linda Karin Lamignan Larsen is a Nigerian and Norwegian artist based in Denmark. She is travelling from Copenhagen to Stavanger to start producing art works for a solo exhibition Those who do not travel never arrive at Rogaland Kunstsenter. The project contributes to the global urgencies and violence that surrounds the issues of race, identity and belonging while leaving the possibilities for unexpected results and encounters to be incorporated during the course of action.

In the summer of 2021, Camerata Øresund and Cantoque Ensemble join forces with the Finnish Ensemble Nylandia to collaborate on a project called Nordic Echo. During the project, the ensembles rehearse and present a new program that focuses on Scandinavian Baroque music and its intersections with the North-German musical tradition. For concerts at Skálholt Summer Concerts on Iceland, the groups have commissioned a new piece from the renowned Icelandic composer, Hugi Guðmundsson, based on a melody from the Hymnodia sacra manuscript. The program forms a trail from the old Icelandic psalms, through Nordic Baroque masterpieces to a brand-new music creation inspired by century-old melodies. The initiative is highly collaborative and will convey the Scandinavian music heritage to a wide group of audience.

Mobility funding is to cover the travel and/or accommodation expenses of professional artists and cultural practitioners in the Nordic Region and/or Baltic countries.

The funding gives applicants – individuals or small groups – access to contacts, skills, and knowledge from different parts of the Nordic and Baltic regions. Funding can be used to present art and culture productions, as well as increase interest in Nordic and Baltic art and culture.

The final application round this year is 01.09.2021 – 30.09.2021.

Please note that the application deadline is at 15.59 Finnish time.