Grant recipient: Mobility funding enables greater creative focus

Evita Vasiljeva's work "If there is something heavy, there should be something light", exhibited at Kunsthal 44 in Møn, Denmark. Photo: Thomas Gunnar Bagge

A total of 91 individual artists’ applications received positive responses in the second round of this year’s Mobility funding. One of them is visual artist Evita Vasiljeva from Riga, Latvia.

Evita Vasiljeva was granted support for her trip from Riga to Helsinki, where she will collaborate with Finnish artist Sauli Sirviö for a duo exhibition at SIC Contemporary Art Space in Helsinki. A dialogue between two artists is a typical example of cross-border collaboration that Mobility funding aims to support. The exhibition will also feature an artist talk, providing further insight into the creative process and concepts behind the artworks.

For Vasiljeva, the mobility support enables a more comfortable journey and thus better focus on her artistic work.

– As an artist, I often have to save every penny and sleep on friends’ couches, which is rather exhausting. Thanks to the funding, I will be able to sleep in my own room, save my energy, and use it purely for work and preparation of the art installation at SIC Art Space. It will also give me time to be present, meet people, and spend time with them, says Evita Vasiljeva.

Building long-term connections

The purpose of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program for Culture is to promote mobility as an important instrument to strengthen the conditions for culture and arts professionals and thereby increase competitiveness in the Nordic-Baltic region. Evita Vasiljeva looks forward to getting to know the SIC team and expanding her network to other artists in Helsinki.

– In my experience, working and talking with other is the best way to meaningfully connect with people. Art unites us. I believe more Finland-based artists will come to Riga for future art projects, and I will return to Finland. During my HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme) residency in 2018, I created many beautiful connections that I was able to use later in other countries. This trip will strengthen both existing and new connections, Evita Vasiljeva concludes.

The application round attracted over 600 applications, resulting in a grant percentage of 16%. The total amount granted was 142 715 euros. Mobility funding will open for new applications on 20 August and travel support can be applied for activities starting earliest at the end of November.