Ghost Sonata: A theatre project exploring the current and future transformation of the Arctic

”Climate change is often viewed as a scientific issue. We explore how psychological, spiritual, aspects are equally vital:
When climate changes, what changes inside of us?”


Ghost Sonata by Mechanimal explores a new Anthropocene form of ecological theatre – taking Swedish writer Strindberg‘s sonata form to create a new ‘theatrical sonata’ synthesising digital Arctic field recordings, critical research into Arctic geography, contemporary compositions of old Nordic songs and showcasing sustainable design and theatre practice.

Artists and researchers within both politics and geography collaborate in exploring the impact of Arctic Sea ice loss on the culture, politics and geography of Nordic countries and Europe. Results of this collaboration are shared in a new music theatre show exploring the current transformation of the Arctic. The show is engaged for performances on Edinburgh Fringe Festival in august 2022.


Creatives involved in the project come from Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Poland and UK:

// Performer – Emma Bonnici // Director – Tom Bailey // Sound Composition – Aslaug Magnusdottir // Musical Director – Nini Julia Bang // Costume Design – Giulia Pecorari // Associate – Sinead Rushe // Dramaturg – Kamila Klamut-Pawlik


More information:

Ghost Sonata Discussion, a film of panel talk with artists and researchers, exploring more about the themes of the show (Oxford Brookes Think Human Festival, 2020, 30 min), available via Ghost Sonata icon on