(FULLY BOOKED) Online Film: Eatnameamet – Our Silent Struggle (FI, 2021)

S´mi woman standing on a pedestrian street.

Eatnameamet (Our Silent Struggle) depicts the Sami struggle for existence, dealing with an uncertain future determined by government decisions. In the filmmaker Suvi West’s own words, the film is a pamphlet and a cry for help for the future of the only indigenous people of Europe – through the voices of the Sámi people themselves. 

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The scenes of the film consist of political situations, discussions closed from the mainstream people of Finland, intimate interviews, archive material and tracking shots of nature. The film is based on different encounters with Sámi people.

This film is born from the directors personal experience living as a Sámi in Finland. Suvi West expresses her hopes that the audience will  be able to understand how the Sámi people feel, when the base of their own culture is bit by bit decaying. “Sámi people have the right to get their voice to be heard, but it is also a right for everyone else to learn about the Sámi people and our current situation. Knowledge creates understanding and understanding is essential for peaceful coexistence of two different nations in the same state.”

Eatnameamet will premiere in Finnish cinemas later in May and will be shown online exclusively by Nordic Culture Point on 18 May.

Language: Northern Sami, English subtitles.

Length: 104 min

Be sure to also check out our online discussion with the director Suvi West on May 6 here (available online also after the live stream)

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