Panel discussion: What is it like to live and go to school in Greenland?

GUX Aasiaat

Photo: Jørgen Brandt-Klemensen

What is it like attending school when it takes several days to travel there? What are the differences between Greenlandic and Finnish schools? What do you consume on a daily basis in Greenland? Prices have also increased in Finland, but would you be willing to pay €8 for a cucumber? Is it true that people in Greenland use kayaks and dog sleds for travel?

Teachers from Greenland’s northernmost upper secondary school will be visiting our library on 30 August. During a panel discussion, they will discuss these themes and share their experiences.

The guests come from Aasiaat, a small village with 3,000 inhabitants, which, despite its size, ranks as the fifth largest city in Greenland. The participants in the discussion are:

  • Dorthie Siegstad, Principal of the Upper Secondary School, born and raised in Greenland.
  • Anne-Mette Korczynski, Head of Education and teacher of English and Danish.
  • Michael Hollerup, Head of Planning and teacher of Maths and Physics.
  • Krista Anttisaari, Academic Administrator, has lived in Greenland for 14 years.

We speak Finnish and Scandinavian.


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