Nordic Literature Week: A digital conver­sation about Sally Salminen and Katrina

Nordic Culture Point is celebrating Nordic Literature Week by broadcasting a conversation with author Ulrika Gustafsson, who wrote the biography titled Min ljusa stad: Sally Salminen, livet och litteraturen (My Bright City: Sally Salminen, life and literature).

The work is about the Finnish-Danish cultural profile Sally Salminen (1906-1976), who made her debut with Katrina, and then wrote another sixteen books, novels, memoirs, and travel stories.  Salminen worked as a housemaid in New York in the 1930s. In her free time, she wrote the novel Katrina that won her a Finnish-Swedish novel competition in 1936. The novel became a global success and was translated into some twenty languages. My Bright City is the first biography about Sally Salminen.

Katrina is one of this year’s books chosen to be read aloud during Nordic Literature Week. This year, the selected books for reading aloud are from Åland, to draw attention to the centenary celebrations of Åland’s self-government.



Photo: Cata Portin

Ulrika Gustafsson has a PhD in literary studies and is editor and project manager at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Foto: Barbro Ahlstedt

Ulrika Gustafsson is interviewed by Marit Lindqvist, who works as a literature editor for Svenska Yle

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