Livestream: Directors’ Gaze and Signature

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The seminar examines what kind of decisions guide filmmaking and what kind of world view or ethos reveals behind it.

Speakers at the seminar include filmmakers such as Jannik Splidsboel, Pia Andell, Jan Ijäs and Susanna Helke. The discussion is moderated by Marjaana Mykkänen and Maija Hirvonen. 

The seminar will discuss the documentary filmmaker’s gaze and its influence on the way the film is made through Jannik Splidsboel’s keynote speech and versatile case study examples. How aware must the author be of their own gaze and attitude? And Can the film challenge society’s normative ways of seeing? 

The event is in Finnish, except for Splidsboel’s Keynote, which is in English. 

The seminar is produced in collaboration with Nordic Culture Point, DocPoint, Documentary Guild and WIFT Finland, and is part of the programme of the DocPoint Documentary Film Festival. The seminar is organized with the support of AVEK. 

Watch the stream here:

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