Short Film Night: Young Nordic Film Talents

One of our annual traditions is to show a programme of short films by young Nordic film talents. The programme consists of films from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and is a collaboration with KulturUngdom in Gothenburg, Sweden and the Nordisk Ung Film Festival (NUFF) in Tromsö, Norway. The programme is presented by journalist and filmmaker Liisa Haapanen.

Hållbart professionell (Sustainable professionality, SE 2018-19)

This film turns various roles on their heads – how do we balance our professional roles with our private ones? The film also portrays schooling, our search for unity, and the logic of oppressive capitalism. Director: Sebastian Johansson Micci, 15 min

Kontroll (SE, 2018-19)

It’s Amanda’s birthday and she’s invited her closest friends for dinner at her new apartment. There’s a great atmosphere, but everything changes when an uninvited guest shows up. An evening that was supposed to be a fresh start quickly turns into a painful reminder of a past that refuses to let go. Scriptwriter, Director & Photo: Jenny L. Wallin, Mattias Thernström Florin, Marcus Thernström Florin, 12 min

Osagda tankar (SE, 2018-19)

Osagda tankar is a meditative depiction of a close relationship between four friends and the thoughts they’ve never shared with each other. Over slow-motion images, in whispering voiceovers we hear the main characters share their secret thoughts, feelings, and dreams. The film has won best short film at the Stas Film Festival and received an honourable mention at the Asia South East Short Film Festival. Director: Edvin Eriksson, 11 min

Mellem duerna (Between the Doves, DK, 2019)

6-year-old Maja’s world crashes when one day at school she opens up about the goodnight stories that her beloved single dad, Morten, tells her. When Maja retells the goodnight stories to her teacher, she experiences a new uncomfortable feeling: shame. “Between Doves” is a psychological drama that doesn’t take a stand on Mortens crimes, but instead focuses on the events from Maja’s point of view. Director: Anne-Marie Bjerre Koch, 13 min

Roomservice (SE, 2019)

After a one-night stand, Pia tries to secretly inseminate herself with the contents of the condom. To her astonishment, when she gets caught, she has to persuade the to-be father why he shouldn’t be a part of the new family. ROOMSERVICE is a quirky film that blends humor and seriousness to form a very contemporary film. Director: Simon Alvberg, 8 min

Babydyke (Babylebbe, DK, 2019)

Frede goes with her big sister to a queer techno party to win back her ex. When her plan goes wrong, she tries to follow her sister’s less romantic advice on how to get over your ex and not be a babydyke. This coming-of-age film portrays the young, cool crowd in Denmark with an authentic atmosphere and a beautiful cinematography. Director: Tone Ottilie Frederiksen, 19 min

Lappen (The Note, NO, 2019)

Lea and Elise are best friends, even though they seem to be from completely different worlds. One day, Tommy, a boy from school, comes up to Lea during soccer practice with a note for Lea to give Elise. He asks her if she can ask Elise to be his girlfriend. Lea says yes to help him out, but quickly realizes that her own emotions will interfere with the situation. Director: Tiril Myhre Skår, 11 min


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