LIVE STREAM -Lecture with Klaus Petersen: Nordic Values

The Letterstedt Society, the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki, and the Federation of the Norden Associations are hosting a celebratory lecture with a Nordic theme for a general audience in collaboration with Nordic Culture Point. The 2021 Letterstedt lecturer is Klaus Petersen, professor and head of the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

In Nordic co-operation, shared Nordic values are often highlighted as an important component of our culture of co-operation. Yet it’s quite unclear what is meant by “Nordic values”, which are so often cited in celebratory speeches. In his essay Nordiske Værdier. Et kritisk reflekterende essay (2019), Petersen has addressed this issue. One conclusion is that we in the Nordic Region have essentially managed universal values in our own way.

Klaus Petersen is best known for his research on the Danish and Nordic welfare states from a historical, conceptual, and international comparative perspective. He has led a number of research projects and was vice director of the Nordic research network NordWel from 2007 to 2014. Petersen’s research profile shows great breadth, including Cold War history, Americanisation processes in the Nordic Region, labour market history, and furniture design.




17:00 Welcome: CENS & the Letterstedt Society

17:15 Letterstedt lecture: Klaus Petersen

17:45 Comments:

Professor Helena Blomberg-Kroll (Swedish School of Social Science at the University of Helsinki)

Björn von Sydow, former speaker and chair of the executive board of LF

Moderator: Peter Stadius (CENS, University of Helsinki)

Discussion and questions from the audience (questions via Facebook)

18:45: Close


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