Finland and Denmark – visions for the future


“Are we creating enough space for others in the Nordic Region?”

Through her own adventures and experiences from Herning in Denmark to Helsinki in Finland, and with her provocative stories, Kamilla Sultanova offers her vision of how we can succeed in having a good life here in the Nordic Region by creating space for others besides ourselves. In a way that is both entertaining and personal, she points out the differences and similarities between the happiest two countries in the world. Kamilla has spent many years finding her identity and has also been involved in conveying themes such as identity and dignity to Finnish young people by way of the NGO Global Dignity Finland.

Kamilla Sultanova grew up in Uzbekistan and has lived in the Nordic Region without her family for 20 years. She has therefore experienced the happiest countries in the world on her own, as a student, professional, entrepreneur, and now also as a mother. Although she was born and raised in Uzbekistan, she feels at home in both Denmark and Finland. Come and hear her vision for the future of Nordic identity.

The event will be held in Danish. The Danish Embassy is very kindly offering drinks. Admission is free, but please register by 23 September at

More about Kamilla Sultanova:

Kamilla Sultanova is an award-winning changemaker, TEDx speaker, and event host. She runs ConnectUz consultancy, which promotes cross-sectoral collaboration, and provides training in diversity and inclusive workplace cultures, connecting private, public, and non-profit teams in Finland and other countries. Kamilla has also worked with global sales of used shipping containers at Scandinavian shipping companies, including Maersk Line. In her engaging lectures and workshops, she draws on her personal experiences, news, art, and culture.

Kamilla has Uzbek roots and has called the Nordic Region home for half of her life. Here, she has navigated culture, industry, and a move from Herning in Denmark to Helsinki in Finland. She has given lectures to people in 16 countries and inspired educators, young people, entrepreneurs, women, leaders, policy makers, and royalty on topics including inclusive leadership thinking, the human ability to collaborate in the face of adversity, and the courage to lead with dignity. She is also known for bringing diverse teams together in order to effect organisational change with a sense of belonging.

This event is produced in cooperation with Dansk klub i Helsingfors

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