Exhibition: TAPE ART

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The TAPE ART installation is the result of a workshop in collaborative public art that Nordic Culture Point have organised in collaboration with the TAPE OVER-collective from Berlin.

Led by the artists Robert Köning and Stephan van Kuyk, a group of young Nordic artists at the TAPE OVER team has worked to create joint TAPE ART works of art. The artists who participated in the workshop are Sara Andersson (Sweden/Norway), Alex Markwith (US/Finland), Matilda Envall (Sweden), Yuvia Maini Rekdal (Sweden), Soeren Krag Nielsen (Denmark/Norway), and Salla Kuoppamaa (Finland).

At the same time, a public TAPE ART work will be launched in the auditorium of Nordic Culture Point’s premises at Kaisaniemigatan 9 in central Helsinki. The work has been produced by Robert König and Stephan van Kuyk, and will be on site until the summer of 2023. The work can be viewed during the Nordic Culture Point library’s opening hours.

This event is part of Nordic Art Lab, a project in which Nordic Culture Point invites artists to work with various interdisciplinary projects on site at our gallery in Suomenlinna, Finland.

TAPE OVER is an internationally acclaimed tape art group founded in Berlin in 2011. Their roots are in Berlin’s subcultural electro scene and they began creating their colourful tape artworks in the city’s electro clubs. The TAPE OVER collective has created several public works of art around the world.

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