Start of the season for Dansk klub: translating TV-series and films

Danish films and television series have been popular features on Finnish television for many years – Borgen, The Bridge, Badehotellet, Herrens Veje, and many more.


What is it that makes these compressed Finnish and Swedish translations so good? Not only do you have to include the original atmosphere and be true to the original, you also have to make it understandable for a Finnish and Swedish-speaking audience based on their frame of reference. Who are the people behind the scenes who make this possible, and how does the process work for the translators?

Film critic Johanna Grönqvist and translators Johanna Toivonen and Hasse Hägerfelth provide an introduction to Danish films and talk about the work involved in translating them.

Entry is free, although pre-registration is required by 24 September The event will be held in Danish and the Scandinavian languages.

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