Creatures of Change – Exploring emotions and climate change through creative expression

Photo Owen Fiene

Marble Crowd presents an innovative project that intertwines two compelling components: a series of workshops under the name ”Creatures Of Change” and an experimental theatre performance titled ”A Year Without Summer.” The workshops engage young people in discussions about climate anxiety, while the performance takes a larger stage to explore the echoes of our past in today’s extreme weather patterns. By drawing on the gothic horror stories of Frankenstein and The Vampyre, which were inspired by a historic climate event, the project delves into what the revenant can reveal about our current climate crisis.

Foto: Owen Fiene

The photos show a preliminary workshop in Reykjavík where Marble Crowd were joined by local children to create various monsters from unwanted, second-hand textiles, gesturing to the composite body of Frankenstein’s creature. Through the lens of the supernatural vampire we are examining suspense and suspension from the viewpoint of choreography.

The project was granted funding from Culture and art programme in 2023.