Apply for the next round of Nordic Match

By bringing Nordic creative professionals together in Helsinki 29 March to 3 April, Nordic Match aims to establish collaborative processes that are both ground breaking and sustainable – a pop-up think tank so-to-speak, and a creative community, created by Nordic Culture Point and creative agency Måndag.

The theme of Nordic Match spring 2020 is “Freedom of Speech”. We are looking for creative professionals from all the Nordic countries, who would like to spend 4 days in Helsinki 29 March to 3 April (29 March and 3 April are travel days) connecting with other creative minds and working on the theme together. Deadline for the application is February 29.

Every round of Nordic Match also has a local partner to advance the ideas and solutions, and hopefully put them into practice. This spring, our partner is the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

Taike is the Finnish national funding, expert and service agency for promoting the arts. Taike funds professional arts with over 40 million euros a year. Further, Taike works nationally and internationally in order to make Finnish art known worldwide and to create interesting possibilities for artists and art lovers, benefitting the society.

A recent addition to the agency is the launch of the Public Art Advisory Services. This service focuses on art connected to building and to urban development. The Public Art Advisory Services will be our current partner in the workshop of spring 2020.

The upcoming workshop will focus on questions concerning the public space and freedom of speech. Who decides on the surroundings we live in? What is the role of art in our living premises and public spaces? What do we mean when we say public art? Do artists in the Nordic countries take freedom of speech for granted? To what extent is our freedom of speech regulated by for example the market and western values.

Apply here by February 29