12 granted applications in Norden 0-30

Subway station decorated with tiles and lights in bright colors

The third and final round of 2020 of Norden 0-30 resulted in 12 granted applications, out of the 25 that were submitted.

We received a great variety of applications and among the approved where projects focusing on sustainability and climate, dramaturgy and Agenda 2030.

One of the granted applications – Why Plastic? A Nordic youth-led network against plastic pollution – was granted funding for to conduct a project that they describe as: raising awareness on the irreversible consequences of plastic on the natural environment and human health.
The project is a collaboration between Denmark, Greenland, Finland and Sweden.

The application rounds for 2021 are now published on our website:

Application rounds 2021:

11.01.2021 – 11.02.2021
06.04.2021 – 06.05.2021
06.09.2021 – 06.10.2021

The total overview of 2020 is the following:

83 submitted applications, 30 granted.
The total amount granted is 640 303€.