10 children and youth-oriented projects granted funding from the Norden 0–30 programme

Angutitsiaq Isbosethsen, Eetu Leinonen and Tinna Isebarn stand in front of a pink building.

A total of 10 out of 45 applications were granted funding from the last round of Norden 0–30 in 2023. Applications came from a wide range of countries across the Nordic region and were all themed around social, cultural, and political projects.

The expert group decided to award funding of EUR 259 000 to 10 out of 45 projects, with individual grants ranging from EUR 7,500 to EUR 50,000. It was a particularly large number of applications in this last round of the year 2023 and a considerable number of projects that applied for the full funding amount of EUR 50,000. The expert group was pleased to note such huge an interest in the programme and was especially happy to see youth-led applications from Greenland.

“We got various applications on different topics as the scope of the programme is pretty wide ranged covering cultural, societal and political projects. Projects that stood out were those that in some way respond to current affairs. E.g. applications focusing on peace and security affairs were considered to be extremely relevant in light of those tragic times we are currently experiencing”, says Tinna Isenbarn, Icelandic chair of the meeting.

Some examples of the granted projects

“Roma and Traveller students in the Nordic region” – Association RUNG

The project will create new networks for Roma students in the Nordic countries and empower some of the most marginalized and invisible students in the Nordic region. Even though Roma students are breaking new ground and paving the way for an entire minority, they are experiencing major challenges related to this, such as minority stress and no option to share their experiences, since there is no specific support for this group of students in the Nordic region.

“Rock Donna conference” – Rock Donna

The youth-led organization “Rock Donna” works to support and inspire girls, women, and underrepresented gender identities in the music industry to strengthen their musical and social confidence through the performance and creation of music. By organizing camps, conferences, teaching and other event activities, the association works in the long term to contribute to an equal music industry by involving underrepresented gender identities in various areas of the music industry.

“Nordic Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security”– UN youth of Finland

The youth-lead Nordic Youth, Peace and Security Coalition works to support young people and youth organizations in their peacebuilding work and to advance the Youth, Peace and Security -agenda in the Nordics. The projects seek to address the positive potential of the youth to build peace as well as the importance of youth participation.

We welcome the next round of applications to Norden 0-30 from 9th of January to 9th of February 2024!

If you have any questions regarding an upcoming application, please contact advisor Sidsel Emilie Eskesen at sidsel.eskesen@nordiskkulturkontakt.org or book an online meeting.

All granted projects can be found on the Nordic Culture Point’s website.