Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret

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Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret
Hakukierros Projektin nimi Tuensaaja Maa Tuki

VšĮ Priespauda / hands on press – AIR2401

VšĮ Priespauda / hands on press Lithuania 24664.00

The Hands on Press residency invites artists whose practice focuses on small editions of printed matter. The main objective of the self-directed artist-in-residence program is to set up an opportunity for Nordic artists, illustrators and/or visual researchers to explore their own creativity through self-publishing and riso-printing, within the context of Kaunas, Lithuania and its creative community.


TYPA – AIR2401

TYPA Estonia 23176.00

A centre of paper and print; TYPA houses a museum, cultural centre, gallery, printmaking studio, paper and binding workshop. The longest running residency in Southern Estonia; TYPA (formerly Tartu Artist in Residence) has internationally become synonymous with printmaking. Within the setting of a working museum, TYPA provides a diverse range of artists the facilities and resources needed to develop truly engaging projects, inspired by cultural heritage and the unique environment of Tartu.


Skaftfell Center for Visual Art – AIR2401

Skaftfell Center for Visual Art Iceland 42266.00

Skaftfell Art Center offers an international self-directed artist-in-residence program in Seyðisfjörður, East Fjords of Iceland. The residency offers space for contemplation, productivity, and collaboration and is ideal for artistic research and experimentation. The Nordic Culture Point grant for artists residencies will support one artist and one artist duo to participate in the residency program for three months and contribute to Skaftfell’s educational and exhibition programme.


NGO 2.tants – AIR2401

NGO 2.tants Estonia 47980.00

We herby apply support to re-establish a residency program for Nordic-Baltic artists at Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn in 2025 and 2026. During the time we aim to host 4 residency periods for artists from performing arts or other art fields with a research topic or project in performing arts. The duration of each residency is planned to last 1 to 2 months and to be concluded with a public showing or a sharing of practice.


Arvo Pärt Centre – AIR2401

Arvo Pärt Centre Estonia 34000.00

The APC residency programme will invite 4 professional Nordic-Baltic artists working in music to an open-ended residency setting in the forest of Laulasmaa. The aim of the residency is to facilitate new creation or interpretation of music, which explore the past heritage and future possibilities of the local landscape in the broadest sense, be it in the ecological, the historical or the social sphere. The program offers all residents highest quality competence for creating and recording music.


Inkonst – AIR2401

Inkonst Sweden 49680.00

Inkonst, together with our partner Inter Art Center, will offer groups or individual artists between 2-6 weeks of residency each. Focus is artistic development and research in interdisciplinary craft between performing arts and music. Each residency will be tailored to their needs with the intention of providing accomodation, travels, technical staff, marketing, space and equipment for rehearsal and presentation as well as a fee for the period. We plan to have up to 12 artist in residency.


Fonden Fabrikken for Kunst og Design – AIR2401

Fonden Fabrikken for Kunst og Design Denmark 48322.00

FAIR is a research residency programme at FABRIKKEN in Copenhagen that welcomes early-career visual artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries. FAIR is aimed at developing sustainable artistic practices and careers through support and mentoring as well as through network, internationalization, and opportunities. We tailor each residency to fit the resident to ensure the best possible outcome and quality. Our residencies are for 3 months and also provide ample opportunity to work undisturbed.


Kai Art Center – AIR2401

Kai Art Center Estonia 44550.00

Kai Art Center’s Residency supports international artists, curators, and writers to live and work in Tallinn, bolsters innovative practices, develops global networks, and engages the local art community in Estonia. Launched in 2019, the residency strengthens the local art context through exchange, dialogue, and collaboration with Tallinn-based cultural practitioners. The residents are based full-time in Tallinn and are provided accommodation, workspace, per diem, and staff mentorship.


Filmverkstaden rf. – AIR2401

Filmverkstaden rf. Finland 50000.00

Analogue Adventure is a residency program dedicated to analogue film and photography. It offers artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries the opportunity to gain knowledge, develop skills, experiment and share their work. We are looking for innovative proposals that challenge or change the conventional ways of working with or looking at these media.


Rupert – AIR2401

Rupert Lithuania 50000.00

Rupert applies to support five 2 month residencies focused on interdisciplinary art practices. 2 artists are chosen through thematic open calls in a new initiative. 2 more are chosen through our annual residency open calls. 1 artist is directly invited by the Rupert team. Each includes curatorial support and stipends for production, travel, and expenses. All residents have opportunities for collaboration and public engagement, reinforcing Rupert’s strong history of Nordic-Baltic cooperation.


SITE – AIR2401

SITE Sweden 49920.00

SITE Nordic Residency will be hosting 2 groups of artists in Farsta, Stockholm, Sweden. We offer rehearsal spaces and monetary production support. According to the groups wishes we facilitate public showings, invite audiences or workshop participants and offer advice for production. The residency focuses specifically on multidisciplinary artist groups and collectives working in the contemporary dance and performance field, who research new formats and methods to engage with the local community.


Københavns Internationale Teater – AIR2401

Københavns Internationale Teater Denmark 50000.00

Metropolis Residencies offer 4 thematic residencies for 24 Nordic/Baltic artists to research and develop key aspects of artistic engagement in urban and natural landscapes. Rooted in the performing arts sector, the residencies are also open for artists from associated fields in an essentially interdisciplinary approach. Each residency is curated specifically around current key issues in the arts in the context of the public realm and in an age of ecological crisis.


SIM – AIR2401

SIM Iceland 50000.00

The SÍM Residency two-month AIR program is specifically curated for cross-disciplinary artists/researchers interested in exploring the intersection of art, science, and environmental activism. Located amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland’s glaciers, this residency offers a unique opportunity for artists, scientists, and environmentalists to collaborate on projects addressing the urgent issue of global warming and its impact on glacial ecosystems.


Baltic Art Center – AIR2401

Baltic Art Center Sweden 50000.00

BAC & Uppsala University Graduate School in Sustainability Studies organise the GRASS Fellow Programme for visiting artists. Artists with a focus on sustainability are invited to Campus Gotland to deepen their practice and enrich the academic environment. In order to strengthen the sustainability profile and embed the artists more deeply in the academic environment, we offer three 3-month residencies including a workspace on campus and opportunities to interact with researchers and students.

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Lähikuva Francesca Vincentiestä pimeässä konserttitilassa

Francesca Vincentie, Nordic Remix (musiikki)

”Syntyi ainutlaatuinen, yhteinen soundi, kun saimme viikon ajan haastaa toistemme näkemyksiä ja jakaa oman kielen, perinteet ja inspiraation toisten osallistujien kanssa.” Lue lisää

Kolme naista seisoo kolmen miehen päälaella.

Erik Glas, Kaaos Kaamos (nykysirkus)

”Se, että joku tekee kolme volttia peräkkäin ja laskeutuu virheettömästi, ei ole kiinnostavaa. Me haluamme tuoda esiin ihmisyyden esiintyjissä. Se on usein raskasta ja inhottavaakin – ja niin se saa ollakin.” Lue lisää


Gustav Person, taustalla seinä täynnä piirustuksia.

Gustav Person, Form in Motion (kuvataide)

”Volt-ohjelman tuella pystyimme toteuttamaan hankkeen kolmessa Pohjoismaassa samanaikaisesti. Nuoret Katrineholmista saivat tavata nuoria Färsaarilta ja Oslosta, ja se oli upea kokemus.” Lue lisää