Nine Nordic civil society projects obtain funding from Demos


Among the granted sports projects was a collaboration between the Nordic e-sports federations. Photo: Unsplash/Nicolas Picard

Nine out of a total of 33 diverse applications have been granted funding in this year’s application round for the Demos funding programme.

A total of EUR 537,839 was applied for, with EUR 146,230 being allocated to the nine successful projects.

Several new applicants

The funding programme has reached out to several new applicants, and the competition between them has been fierce. Among the applications granted funding are two projects that the experts would especially like to highlight.

“We were pleased with the wide range of applications in this round. One of the projects granted funding had an application called ‘Vietnamese Nordic Fusion Days’, which is an ambitious project to foster contact between Vietnamese communities in the Nordics through culture,” says Danjal Hátún Augustinussen, chair of the decision-making expert group for Demos.

“In this round, a sum of money was earmarked for sports co-operation in the Nordics for the first time. A highlight for us was an application to create a network for Nordic e-sport stakeholders, with a particular focus on digital security and digital rights for children and young people,” says Danjal.

Vietnamese Nordic Fusion Days by the Danish Vietnamese Association

VNFD is an initiative that seeks to focus on hybrid art and culture in order to improve knowledge of and strengthen the Vietnamese-Nordic narrative and to provide examples and strategies related to how hybrid thinking can be a means of social engagement, integration, and individual well-being.

Nordic Esports by Rafíþróttasamtök Íslands

This project seeks to establish a Nordic e-sports federation to promote regional co-operation in e-sports and build a Nordic e-sport culture based on Nordic values. The project’s partners are the e-sports federations of Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Demos to be considerably expanded

Next year, the Demos programme will be expanded considerably and feature two application rounds! The next round will open on 12 March, and the amount of funding that the Nordic Council of Ministers will distribute to civil society will increase substantially. You can find out more here.

The next application round for Demos will be open from 12 March to 12 April 2024. Please contact Nordic Culture Point’s funding advisors if you have any questions about the application process.

All projects that are awarded funding can be found on the Nordic Culture Point website.