Piece by piece toward the Nordics – cafés for young people

Four girls sitting at a round table reading, in the background all the Nordic flags.


A café for Finnish speaking young people who attend the grades 6-9 in junior high school and Swedish speaking pupils in grade 8. Visit the cafés as a part of, for example, language or music studies.


The school class visits us at Kaisaniemenkatu. The visits include different kind of activities from discussions to tasks and contests together with our Nordic café hosts. A visit lasts 90 minutes and is arranged during school hours. You can choose between our three themes:

1) Literature (Only for finnish speaking pupils)
2) Music
3) Film and TV.


The intention of these cafés for young people is to nourish an interest for the neighboring Nordic countries, their cultures and languages. Knowledge of the Scandinavian languages is the key to communicating with the most of the North’s 27 million inhabitants.

Piece by piece towards the Nordics are free of charge for the school classes, but the number of possible attendees are limited.

Registration for spring 2023 opens on January 9, send an email to mikaela.wickstrom@nordiskkulturkontakt.org