10 projects receive Norden 0-30 grant


The decisions for the first applications round of Norden 0-30 have been made. The application round garnered a total of 20 applications for 614 050 €. The expert group decided to give financial aid to 10 projects for 321 777 €. The individual grants varied between 3 000 € and 50 000 €. 

The expert group in charge of Norden 0-30 were glad to receive so many applications, as it shows that nordic collaboration among youths has gotten back on its feet after two years of the pandemic. Furthermore, it was positive to see such variation of themes and areas of focus among the applications.  

Some examples of projects that received grants are: 

Youth school of sustainable democracies by Arbetarrörelsens Barnorganisation i Norden 

The project gathered youths from five nordic countries to discuss inclusion work. The youths will learn about public speaking, debating, political development and social comepetensies. The project arranges events in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. 

Afro-Nordic Arts Fusion by Afrikas Horn Ungdumsforbund 

This multicultural project aims to engage immigrantyouths and promote social engagement with the help of art. Workshops with drama, musik, poetry are arranged in order to deal with questions regarding identity, integration and unemployment. The project will even arrange a seminarium in Stockholm. 

Klimatnätverk och läger för Nordisk ungdom by Luonto-Liitto 

Luonto-Liittos project invites 16-29 –year-olds to combat the climate crisis. The project will build a climate youth network to facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practices. A climate camp will host youth participants to build Nordic collaboration and to help them build tools for themselves as individuals. 

 The next round for Norden 0-30 is 29.03.2022 – 29.04.2022.  

All projects that have received funding can be found on Nordic Culture Point’s website.