Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret

Approved funding

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Kvinna vid strand med sjögräs i håret
Application round Project title Grant recepient Country Grant

Street Art Dance Essentials ry – VOLT2401

Street Art Dance Essentials ry Finland 17000.00

SADEcamp will be organized at Jyväskylä Veturitallit and skateboardhall Jyväskylä and Havumäki Ranch (Skateboard cottage in the forrest near by Jyväskylä) in cooperation with Jyväskylä Youth Services, Trondheim MUD association, and Sweden Skateboard Accosiation. Camp will be organized in Autum.


Jeunesses Musicales Norway – VOLT2401

Jeunesses Musicales Norway Norway 35000.00

Dolvot is a songwriting camp and meeting place for young Sámi musicians, artists and producers, initiated by Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen and JM Norway. Through songwriting sessions, networking and industry knowledge, Dolvot will strengthen and highlight the next generation of Sámi musicians.


Noregs Ungdomslag – VOLT2401

Noregs Ungdomslag Norway 70000.00

Fellesskapet skal gjere deltakarane til medvetne og kompetente språkbrukarar som i størst mogleg grad skal uttrykke seg på sitt eige morsmål og oppleve å bli forstått og forstå dei andre. Prosjektet skaper møteplassar der kommunikasjon i dans og musikk forsterkast med auka språkforståing


Roest – VOLT2401

Roest Denmark 14757.00

En gruppe unge fra hele Norden vil samles på Kulturmødet Mors for at holde taler om kultur og ungeliv set med nordiske unges egne øjne.
Projektet vil derigennem styrke nordiske unges medborgerskab, fællesskab og ungdommens stemme i den fælles nordiske samtale om kultur og nordiske ungeliv.


North Atlantic Music Collective – VOLT2401

North Atlantic Music Collective Denmark 13911.00

Empowering youth through music, fostering cultural exchange and collaboration. Songwriting workshops explores Nordic music traditions, promoting cross-cultural. The initiative strengthens ties across Nordic borders, celebrating linguistic diversity and create deeper appreciation of Nordic heritage.


Ordskælv Forlag – VOLT2401

Ordskælv Forlag Denmark 70000.00

‘Nordens Allerbedste Pensumløse Poesi’ er en årlig antologi med årets bedste digte udvalgt af unge poesi-entusiaster (15 – 25 år) på tværs af Norden. Digtene i udvælges af unge redaktører i Danmark, Island, Sverige og Norge. NAPP24 er den femte antologi i NAPP-serien.


Reykjavík International Film Festival – VOLT2401

Reykjavík International Film Festival Iceland 65455.00

YouthRIFF will establish a Young Voices Nordic Think Tank and curate an Impact Program available for screening in all Icelandic elementary schools and collaborating Nordic countries along with support material.


Foodglue – VOLT2401

Foodglue Sweden 35400.00

“The Apple Machine” will empower children to explore the abundance of apples in the Nordic region, through urban foraging expeditions, building workshops, and public events. We aim to foster a connection with nature and celebrate local food culture, while nurturing their creativity and community.

Grant receivers' stories

Close-up picture of Francesca Vincentie in a dark concert space.

Francesca Vincentie, Nordic Remix (music)

“During one week, we challenged each other’s perspectives and shared our languages, traditions and inspiation to create a common, unique sound”. Read more

Three women stand on the heads of three standing men.

Erik Glas, Kaaos Kaamos (contemporary circus)

“It’s always cool to see a person do three flips in a row and be sort of “superhuman” but we want to focus on finding the humanity within the people who are doing this work. It’s often tough and it can be very scary – and we want to let it be that way.” Read more

Josef Ka, I AM EDITH SÖDERGRAN (a multidimensional art project)

“I feel truly honored to have been recognized and given the chance to travel in a manner that all artists deserve.” Read more